Saga of a very average human, slowly disintegrating and trying not to take it too seriously…

I blog about surviving daily life from the perspective of a slightly knackered mother. If you’ve ever behaved like a complete idiot, this blog will show you are NOT ALONE! 

It might even cheer you up a bit.

  • A very ‘John Lewis’ Christmas

    14th Nov 2019 by

    Oh Lordy! The annual John Lewis Christmas ad just made me cry.  Pulled it up on YouTube and indulged in a schmaltzy moment visualising our idiot-teenage-hellhound as being just like that cute, weeny, John Lewis dragon  – merely a loveable scamp, always getting himself into SUCH hilarious little scrapes! Pushed the fantasy to it’s absolute… Read more

  • Idiot-teenage-mongrel-hellhound

    18th Oct 2019 by

    Just realised I haven’t really mentioned the idiot-teenage-mongrel-hellhound much since he was a wee little puppy. The reason is –  I’ve been too stressed. The reason I have been too stressed is the idiot-teenage-mongrel-hellhound. The story in short The Bloke finds a wee little three-week old pup sitting in a puddle out in Addis Ababa,… Read more

  • Sunny day out

    21st Sep 2019 by

    The other day, we went a bit mad and decided to have a family excursion. Well – as much family as we could muster together – the Elder One has reached an age where he is permanently AWOL and the guinea pig really couldn’t be arsed. It wasn’t a special day out – just a… Read more

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